Friday, November 02, 2007

Ok, so this post is going to be a major vent!! It probably wont make sence to most of you and im too mad to explain it all...but if you go back in posts you can find what everything means...haha.
Ok, so I just got an email from Jacobs behavior therapist. She said that he doesnt have enough hab hours and so they are taking him off her schedule one day. He only has her 3 days a week and even then she told me this is not enough!! We went through everything and made sure that he had enough hab hours for everything when we put him in struct. hab. And everything was fine, I dont see how he can have not enough hours now. I have him do respite for 1 1/2 hours a day and they are prob putting that as hab so thats using up my hours. And ALTCs is doing something dumb where they are not letting you get more hours and stuff so when I talked to our SC about getting him more hours she told me that I could only have the ammt i have or else it will be really hard for me to get more. Jacobs BT told me that he needs MORE ABA because his behaviors are just not good and she wants to work with him more. So how can they do this to us? I would rather them take off a day of his struc. hab and just leave his BT where its at. Ugh now im gonna have to go talk to them today and try to figure it all out...this is not going to be fun.


Kyla Pew said...

i hope today is better for you and they don't give you any more trouble. stay strong!

Kyla Pew said...

ok, i just read your comment on my blog and thought i would just post some places we go for gf food: TX roadhouse pei wei and pf changs have GF menus. if you go online to rubios, they have a menu that shows what allergens are in what meals! inn-n-out and carls jr can have burgers with lettuce instead of buns, taco bell tostadas (but that's all we are for sure about) when i think of more i will email them to ya!

Kaylea said...

That stinks. Hope it all works out.