Monday, January 31, 2011


This is a touchy subject for me. I think it is so vital to have friends...and good ones!! Friends that you can tell everything to. Friends that you can go to their house and even though it might be messy and horribly disorganized you dont care because you see past that. Friends that even though you are not perfect that friend thinks you are darn near close. Friends that when you hang out you laugh and have so much fun! Friends where you have lots in common and share the same interests.

There is no one in my life that fits all that and I miss that. There are a few wonderful people who fit that in my very good friend but we just never get to hang out =( I miss having a friend. I make friends but for some reason they only last for about a month and then what I call the fizzle out period begins. So I am starting to think maybe its me. Maybe im doing something wrong. Tom assures me that its not me and that I just dont need to have friends. Maybe I dont...but when I see people talking all the time of how much fun they have with their friends I get sad. I used to have friends, but then we moved.

I wish my kids had friends. Its sad to see that they are growing up without having friends too. Its not their fault. I know that Jacob is hard to be friends with but he is trying. At least they dont get sad that they dont have friends. They dont really know the difference. But I do. I had so much fun growing up because I had the best of friends.
Tom doesnt have friends. Well he has guys that he works with that he hangs out with at work but they dont hang out when they are not at work. And I think im ok with that. But not having friends is ok with Tom. Maybe I should just learn to be that way.

My goal would be to find a family of friends. People that we can all get along with. We love to go camping and love going with friends. So finding a family to go camping with us or on a road trip or something would be so much fun!

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Sharon said...

what a terrible friend I am because I just barely saw this post!!!!!!!! ugh! sorry!! I wish you lived closer too because we would totally get to hang out more like we used to. We can go to lunch ANYTIME you want though...and any night you can get out, I will too! love you Brit!