Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today we had to get Jacob's blood drawn for some of the blood tests that we have to do. So we went in there and he was pretty nervous. He started crying when they put the needle in and then as soon as he saw the blood go in the vials he was fine. He thought it looked so cool that his "bleed" was going in the vials. So they had to take 3 tubes of blood from him. The first 2 were fine. Then she put the 3rd one in. And all of a sudden the blood stopped coming. So she jiggled the needle a little bit and put it in and out and still nothing. Jacob started screaming because he was really scared. All of a sudden he just went limp in my arms!! He had passed out!! I wont lie...I was really scared when it hap pend. Then a few seconds later when he woke up I was laughing because it was kinda funny. And those who know tom....knows that he HATES needles. And he will pass out just seeing them. So Jacob passing out was just funny because his daddy does the same thing. Then when I tried to tell Tom the story he made me stop in the middle of it because just talking about needles was making him light headed haha.

Tomorrow we go in for Jacob's MRI. And that I am pretty scared about. They are putting him out so they can do everything fine without having to worry about him. I am glad they are putting him out before they put the IV in or else he would probably pass out for them too.


Sharon said...

I am sure he will do fine and you will too! Let me know how it goes! I am sure you will need to get away later this week!

Tanner5 said...

Like father, like son!! How funny. Good luck tomorrow with the MRI.

Mike and Deb said...

What's with those Priestly boys!!! I cannot complaint too much, when Britney rode her bike down the stairs and split her head open, I almost passed out too!! The blood was squirting out of her head every time her heart beat!!

Give Jacob our love and we hope he's not scared any more!