Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are in need of some prayers this week. Jacob has some pretty big doctor appts coming up this week and I am nervous about all of them. Today he goes in for his re diganosis appt for autism. The state requires you to get another dx when the child turns 6 and this is the soonest we could finally get in. I am really nervous because this basically holds the fate of my son. If we dont get another diagnosis then all of his therapies will have to stop and he cant get therapy again. And if that happends, I dont know what I would do.

Then tomorrow we have an appt with an orthotic specialist to look at his feet. Since he is a toe walker and always has been there are some concerns about his feet. They are starting to turn in when he walks and he has a hard time walking flat footed. So we will probably have to get orthotics on his feet to help him walk better.

Then next thursday we have an appt with a Nerologist. Jacob has had some issues come up that now we need to see a nerologist. Its probably nothing, but we want to make sure, just in case there is something that we juust cant see. All doctors recomend getting an MRI just because autism could be caused by something else in the body somewhere.

We also have to make an appt with a hearing doctor to get his hearing checked. His speech therapist is having some concerns that he is having a hard time hearing so its always good to get that checked as well. But all of these appts are pretty scary because you never know whats going to come from them.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!


The Malone's said...

Britney, you are an amazing mother to have so much on your plate. I admire your hopeful outlook, even though I know your nervous as all get out. We will have your family in our prayers. I take comfort in a quote that Pres. Hinckley said once "Things eventually work out for the best and everything will be ok."

Shelly Lomu said...

Its good to see that you finally posted. I cant even imagine having to do all those appointments and all in one week. I know things will be ok with Jake and he will be taken care of. Good luck and keep us posted-lets not have another month blogging hiatus!!!

Mike and Deb said...

Brit! You are a trooper! HAng in there and continue to be strong. You will be an inspiration to your boys as they grow up. You are all in our prayers as always.

Thanks for coming by on Halloween, we sure do love your boys!

Kermit Crew said...

Prayin' like crazy, over here! One of my sweetest friends whose daughter has been through medical issues, said "When things like this happen, The Lord has them and He just holds them in His arms! We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers! Keep on keepin' on!